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We Are the Anchored

We build community,

the community builds games

Anchored Inc. was established in 2022 with the goal of fostering the growth of new era metaverse creators and supporting their game development.

Our first step was a special education program focused on the Roblox platform. This program aimed at uncovering and enhancing the programming and game design skills of teenagers, successfully producing over 3,000 creative young creators.

However, Anchored's mission didn't stop at education. We collaborated with the successfully nurtured creators to establish the largest Roblox developer community in the country, "Anchored Guild." This has become a central platform for developer interaction, support, and the sharing of knowledge and information.

Anchored continues to work with the community on various projects, including education, game development support, and game IP creation, striving to maximize the potential of creators.

We are always dreaming of a future where the community and creators grow together and are moving in that direction.

Our Values

"Embrace visionary thinking and bold ambitions to lead and innovate in our field."
Think Big
"Commit with dedication to achieve excellence in every project, reflecting our passion and perseverance."
Work Hard
"Foster collective progress through teamwork, shared learning, and mutual support within our community."
Growth Together
"Act with awareness of our actions' impact on the community and environment, striving for responsible and sustainable practices."
Mind the Impact

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Work for Anchored

Located in the heart of Seoul, South Korea, we extend our reach far beyond, 

touching lives across the globe with our immersive content. 

Our games are more than just entertainment; they're journeys that invoke joy and wonder. 

We're on a mission to lead the vanguard of the gaming industry, 

and for this, we need pioneers like you.


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